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Protective Netting has now become a permanent fixture in the arena design stage, since the NHL has decided to mandate the netting on the Ends and Radii for all of their facilities. Although there are many different types of netting available, the type of installation can be permanent or retractable. Community rinks will have the low cost permanent installation; where as the multi-purpose facilities will have the engineered designed retractable systems that can be removed quickly during a changeover.

The most important feature with the protective netting is the installation. One should be certain that the netting is installed properly to provide the proper protection and that it looks aesthetically pleasing. An improper installation can turn out to be a real eye sore for your facility. We have many different styles of netting from nylon to monofilament and many different colors from clear to white and black. Also available are a number of different NHL approved nets if you are interested.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our protective nets and styles of installation (permanent or retractable).