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The Divide-A-Rink™ is a series of panelized sections that easily fit together, creating a 3' high dasherboard system, dividing the ice surface and making it playable on both sides. This system allows a facility to divide the ice area quickly and safely. The Divide-A-Rink™ effectively creates an additional rink.

George Kingston did a study of hockey games played on the full ice surface. He found that many players never touched the puck in the game, especially in youth hockey. By giving children the opportunity to participate in cross-ice environment, their enjoyment of hockey as well as their hockey skills will be greatly enhanced. Everyone is involved in the play and all skaters get a chance to develop their skills with the puck.

Set up and dismantle of the Divide-A-Rink™ is easy. Two people can set up or dismantle the system in approximately 8 minutes or during the time it takes to flood the ice. This system is great because the puck will bounce the same off of the Divide-A-Rink™ as the regular dasherboards. Other benefits include: one gate panel per system, radius corners and the transportation/storage cart.

Set it up for public skating to provide skaters of varying skill level their own area to skate, therefore reducing the chance of a collision.