WELMAR | Recreational Products

Electronic Vacuum Glass Lifter:

3/8" Speckled Rubber
Black Mats ¾"

Glass Suction Cups:
Hand Pump Cups

Gate Castors:
Heavy Duty Machine Gate Castors

Gate Thresholds:
Custom sizes available

Glass Posts:
Aluminum, Steel, Aluminum Quick Release Post

Glass Gasket:
½" and 5/8" sizes available

Glass Pads:
Round or Angle Pads at the desired height

Glass Carts:
½" and 5/8"
Harp Rack Holds 60 Pieces
Harp Rack Holds 50 Pieces
A-Frame Carts, Holds up to 4000 lbs

Goal Frames:
Professional and Practice
Hockey Goal Transporter
Goal Frame Fender Pad Set
Goal Netting - Knotless and Knotted
Nylon Net Protectors, Goal Pegs & Flexible Goal Pegs
Broomball Goal Frames & Netting

Lift Off, Adjustable hinges with grease fittings

Colours: Gold, Canary Yellow, Light Blue
Custom sizes available

Lexan Clips:

Ice Side Release Push Buttons
Left Hand Players Gate
Right Hand Players Gate

Officials Table:
Custom Sizes Available

Players and Penatly Benches:
Custom Sizes Available

Post and Dasher Storage Carts:

Protective Netting:
Black Nylon, Clear Monofilament, White Nylon
NHL Approved Netting available

White - Custom Sizes Available

Replacement Dasher Screws Coloured:
Custom Colours Available

Replacement Gates:
Custom Made

Top Sill/Cap Rail:
Red, NHL Gold, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Canary Yellow
Custom Colours Available

Sizes: Standards & Specials
Tempered Glass ½" and Tempered Glass 5/8"
Cast Acrylic ½" and Cast Acrylic 5/8"
Clear Polycarbonate 1/8", Clear Polycarbonate ¼"
Clear Polycarbonate ½" (for slege hockey benches)